Saturday, December 4, 2010

A few off the Christmas list

Dear Kristin,
I will now present to you items off my Christmas list (get it, present?).  I offer you these items not because I'm asking you to buy me gifts, but because they would make great items as far as anyone's holiday demands are concerned; I encourage you to make them your demands.  To steal them, although not from the store, just from my idea bank.  I'm also rather proud of the selection.

First, the material of my sequin mermaid top from Asos:


Also from ASOS, a minaudiere by any other name is still a minaudiere:

And this one, I want.  Day to night.

Practical ASOS:

Practical Jenny

On to Urban, comfy pants post holiday eating:

Left: Melange legging.  Right: my dream Palazzo pants.Weirdly dressy, no?

The maxi for me:

ASOS, again.  Leopard Maxi.

Gap's got much I want, though it's the accessories that really do it for me:

The gray bag is already sold out online and my holy grail gift, the platform booties bottom right, aren't even available yet.

I also quite like this rust colored tote from Aldo:

Rather cheap at $45, though it's not leather and I haven't seen it in person to confirm the quality.

And a touch more shine:

There's more, of course.  A belt that looks like a rope, a purse that looks like a magazine, chunky knits reminiscent of ADAM's fall 2010 RTW, and a replacement heather gray cashmere sweater (the old standby  is in tatters).  I just want fun.  That's the gist.  Crazy, sparkley lucite shoes fun:

Brian Atwood

And, just to take it back down a notch (from shoes that, even at 40% off, are over $1,000), cheap shimmer and general festive fun at Forever 21:

And now I kinda wish I hadn't visited that site to temper the Brian Atwood, because I'm now thinking seriously about the above sequin dress (not on my original X-mas list) and these clogs, undoubtedly inspired by Swedish Hasbeens and Urban Outfitter's shoe choices:

That's it.  I'm buying. (Above is the Forever21 version)

But that's what I love about Forever 21.  They're copy cats.  And maybe so are you.  I hope.  Because you are allowed to be - that's the whole point of this post.  Please feel free to abduct any and all of my intellectual present property.

J. Benny

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